Thompson Ridge Fire Update Wednesday, August, 16, 2023

Varying amounts of rain, ranging from a light mist to occasional heavy rain fall, fell over much of the Thompson Ridge Fire on Tuesday. While this can decrease heat and fire potential, it can also increase dangers for the firefighters. For portions of the day, during the heavy rain, crews are taken off the fireline to mitigate any risk such as falls or lightning strikes. 
Firefighters on the northeast corner will be utilizing an Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) today to identify and put out remaining heat sources. With the minimized fire activity in the area, some crews were relocated to the southern perimeter to assist building of the indirect fireline. Progress has been made across this southern edge, and firefighters will continue this work for the next few days until a solid fuel break is complete. Direct attack still remains inaccessible on the northwest side of the fire. Crews continue to create a firebreak along the north fork of the South Creek Drainage. This will take multiple days to complete; more if hindered by continued rain. There is still smoke visible on the interior near the edge, as the large fuels retain the heat. 
Two community meetings were held this week, and the Great Basin Team appreciates the members of the public, cooperators, and local officials that attended and assisted in making these events successful. An infrared flight was received over the fire which resulted in more accurate mapping and reduction of the estimated fire size by two acres.

EVACUATIONS: None at this time.
CLOSURES: Please refer to closure order. Please note that SR-153, Kent’s Lake Road (137), Upper and Lower Kent’s Lake, Little Res. Campground, Anderson Meadow, and LeBaron remain open at this time. Use caution in and around these areas, as you will see an influx of both ground and aviation equipment working to suppress the fire.


Start Date: August 4, 2023

Incident Type: Wildfire

Size: 7,287 acres

Cause: Lightning

Containment: 15%

Location: 10 miles southeast of Beaver, Utah

Terrain: Steep, rugged terrain in remote areas transitioning to rolling pinyon juniper hills

Structures Threatened: None


Engines: 9

Water Tenders: 2

Crews: 12

Helicopters: 6

Dozers: 1

Total Personnel: 461
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