BLM rescinds stage 1 fire restrictions in Juab and Millard counties

Other fire restrictions remain in effect

News Release
BLM West Desert District

Media Contact: Hannah Lenkowski 385-315-3361 [email protected]
August 12, 2022

SALT LAKE CITY —The Bureau of Land Management rescinded stage 1 fire restrictions today on BLM-managed lands within Juab and Millard counties due to an increase in monsoonal moisture. Stage 1 fire restrictions remain in effect on BLM-managed lands in Box Elder, Cache, Morgan, Rich, Salt Lake, Summit, Tooele, Utah and Wasatch counties.

“We are pleased to be moving out of stage 1 fire restrictions in Central Utah and will be looking at our indices and weather outlooks to consider the northern counties over the coming weeks,” said Acting BLM West Desert District Fire Management Officer Christopher Deets. “While there is an increase in monsoonal moisture, Utah is still in a 22-year-long mega-drought, and we urge the public to use their ‘Fire Sense’ when visiting public lands to help prevent wildfire.”

The following acts are prohibited in all counties within the BLM West Desert District:

  1. Use of any steel component ammunition of any caliber
  2. Use of any steel component target
  3. Use of any sky lanterns, Chinese lanterns, fire balloons, acetylene balloons or similar device
  4. Use of any Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) that is not equipped with a properly installed and maintained spark arrestor
  5. The non-commercial use/discharge of explosives of any kind, incendiary or chemical devices, pyrotechnic devices, exploding targets, pressurized containers or canisters and binary explosives
  6. Use/discharge of fireworks
  7. Use of any tracer or incendiary ammunition of any caliber

The following acts are prohibited in counties that remain in stage 1 fire restrictions:

  1. Campfires except within agency provided fire grates at developed campgrounds, or in stoves using pressurized liquid or gas
  2. Cutting, grinding or welding of metal in areas of dry vegetation; This includes acetylene torches  
  3. Operating a chainsaw, or other internal combustion engine without a properly installed USDA or Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) approved spark arresting device, a five-pound fire extinguisher and a shovel
  4. Smoking cigarettes, except within an enclosed vehicle, building, developed recreation site or while stopped in a cleared area of at least three feet in diameter that is barren and cleared of all flammable material

Public land visitors are reminded to be prepared with a shovel, water and fire extinguisher. Always make sure a campfire is cold to the touch before leaving. To accomplish this, drown the campfire with water and use a shovel to stir the ashes. Continue to add water and stir with a shovel until all material is cool. If you do not have water, use dirt or sand. It is unlawful to leave a campfire unattended or without fully extinguishing it. In the event of a fire, please call 911.

Public land visitors should check for fire restrictions for the area they plan to visit before leaving home and be prepared to adjust plans to prevent wildfire. Fire restrictions can be found at: 

Local, state and federal fire officials urge Utahns to use their ‘Fire Sense’ to help prevent unwanted wildfire. ‘Fire Sense’ is an interagency fire awareness campaign implemented last year to increase public knowledge on how to prevent wildland fires. For more information on preventing unwanted human-caused wildfires, agency-specific restrictions and reference maps, visit, and

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