Fire Prevention Order – Jacob City Fire

FIRE PREVENTION ORDER Closure to Entry Jacob City FIRE AREA in Tooele County, Utah Number: UTW002-2202 USDI, Bureau of Land Management, West Desert District Utah DNR, Division of Forestry, Fire & State Lands Tooele County 

EFFECTIVE: July 13, 2022 

In order to facilitate the suppression of wildland fire, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) West Desert District, State of Utah Division of Forestry, Fire & State Lands and Tooele County, is issuing a temporary closure to entry for public lands in and around the Jacob City Fire to protect citizens from danger and to promote effective firefighting. The Jacob City Fire is an uncontrolled wildland fire on the slopes of the Oquirrh Mountains located in Tooele County, Utah, 

Access for recreation and travel in the area is suspended until hazardous conditions are eliminated. This closure will be rescinded when the fire is declared controlled by the incident commander or otherwise officially rescinded. Property owners, grazing permit holders and other citizens with need to access the area are asked to coordinate with the incident commander to ensure safety

Part A: Pursuant to regulations of the Department of the Interior found in 43 CFR 9212.2 and Tooele County Code 16-2-4(1)(J)(P) the following restrictions are hereby immediately in effect in the following areas: 

a. Closed to public entry: all land and roadways administered by the Bureau of Land 

Management, State of Utah, and Tooele County in the vicinity of the Jacob City Fire in Tooele County, Utah are closed to public entry. Specifically, all lands are closed in the area bounded: East of Copper St and Gravel Site Rd; East of Watercrossing Rd and Queen Of Hills Rd; North of Ophir Canyon Rd, and West of Serviceberry Canyon Rd, South Fork Soldier Canyon Rd, North Fork Soldier Canyon Rd, and Water Fork Canyon Rd; south of Southport Gulch; and Right Hand Fork of Settlement Canyon; all in Tooele County, Utah. (see attached map) 

Part B: The following person(s) are exempt from this order: 

a. All fire suppression resources assigned to the Jacob City Fire, b. All local landowners, ranchers permit holders in coordination with the Incident 

Command Staff of the Jacob City Fire, c. The Tooele County Sheriff and all officers and staff, d. Agency leaders may provide an exception to other individuals for a limited duration 

and area within their jurisdiction in writing, 

e. Any Federal, State or local officer or member of an organized rescue or fire 

suppression or fuels management force while in the performance of their official duties. 

Part C: This order is effective immediately, starting at 10:00 am of July 13, 2022, and will remain in effect until the Jacob City Fire is declared controlled by the incident commander or otherwise officially rescinded. This order is in addition to other fire prevention orders currently in effect. 

Violation of the prohibited acts is punishable by a fine of not more than $1000.00 and/or imprisonment of not more than twelve months or both (43 CFR 9212.4). 

Information concerning this Fire Prevention Order – Area Closure may be obtained at the following locations: 

Bureau of Land Management, West Desert District, 491 N John Glenn Rd, Salt Lake City, Utah 84116, (801) 320-8300

Utah Division of Forestry, Fire & State Lands, 1594 W North Temple, Room 150, Salt Lake City, Utah 84114, (801) 538 4818 

Tooele County Sheriff’s Office, 1960 S Main, Tooele, UT 84074, (435) 882-5600

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