Monroe Mountain Piles Prescribed Fire Project

Richfield Ranger District, Fishlake National Forest

Contact Information: Kelly Cornwall 435-691-6001, [email protected]

Planned Date: Planning ignitions during the December 7th-23rd timeframe as weather conditions allow.

Location: Monroe Mountain – (Brindley Flat, Cove Mountain, and Monroe Peak areas)


  • Cove Mountain: N 38o 37.817, W 111o 57.267
  • Monroe Peak:  N 38o 31.911, W 112o 3.855
  • South Monroe/Brindley Flat:  N 38o 30.650, W 112o 0.444

Planned Actions: The purpose of this prescribed fire project is to restore aspen ecosystems on Monroe Mountain by reintroducing fire to the aspen ecosystems through prescribed burning to reduce hazardous fuel accumulations thus reducing the risk to life, property, and natural resources, while promoting aspen regeneration.  Prescribed fire treatments will be implemented utilizing hand ignition techniques targeting large machine-made piles from mechanical treatments.

Planned Description: Planning to burn approximately 800 acres consisting of several hundred large slash piles in the Cove Mountain Timber Sale, Monroe Peak and Brindley Flat areas of Monroe Mountain.  Piles are in both Piute and Sevier Counties.

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