Signal Peak Prescribed Fire Project

Richfield Ranger District, Fishlake National Forest

Contact Information:  Kelly Cornwall 435-691-6001, [email protected]

Tentative Timeframe:  December 5-6, 2021

Location: Monroe Mountain – Signal Peak Project: (Cove Mountain near Signal Peak, Annabella Reservoir, and Deep Lake)

Legal Description:  Township 25 South, Range 2 West, Sections 9-10 and 14-16

Planned Actions:  The purpose of this prescribed fire project is to restore aspen ecosystems on Monroe Mountain by reintroducing fire to the aspen ecosystems through prescribed burning to reduce hazardous fuel accumulations around the Private Property that includes the Long Flat Subdivision thus reducing the risk to life, property, and natural resources, while promoting aspen regeneration.  Prescribed fire treatments will be implemented utilizing aerial and/or hand ignition techniques targeting spruce/mixed conifer and seral aspen with mosaic burn patterns and mixed burn severities as an objective.  Prescribed fire will occur when 60 percent of the area will be expected to burn leaving 40 percent of the area unburned. 

Project Description: The Signal Peak Prescribed Fire Project is located approximately six miles east of the community of Monroe, Utah.  The treatment planned consists of approximately 5-10 acres of prescribed fire on Forest Service administered lands located approximately directly adjacent to Annabella Reservoir, and Deep Lake on the Cove area of Monroe Mountain in Sevier County, Utah. Ignitions began within this area last late fall 2020 where portions of Unit 3 and 4 were successfully treated with prescribed fire. Planning ignitions along the southeastern side of Unit 3 near Deep Lake.

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