Cove Mountain Pile Burn

Richfield Ranger District, Fishlake National Forest

Contact Information:  Kelly Cornwall: 435-896-2326, [email protected]

Tentative Timeframe:  November 12-19, 2021

Location: Cove Mountain – 8 miles east of Monroe, Utah, in Sevier, County.

Legal Description: 38° 37.009 N, 111° 57.486 W; Township 25 South, Range 2 West, multiple Sections

Planned Actions:  When weather conditions permit, the Fishlake National Forest, Richfield Ranger District plans to ignite slash piles from the recent Cove Mountain Timber Sale Project over the next week (November 12-19, 2021). Fire personnel will ignite slash piles on approximately 570 acres on Forest Service administrative lands. The primary objective of pile burning is to reduce the existing wildland fire hazard resulting from activity fuels, thus reducing potential negative effects from future wildland fire to both Forest Service and nearby private lands. 

Fuels reduction programs involve mechanical, or hand thinning projects, removing trees to reduce forest density and improve forest health. While larger logs are removed for use, unmarketable limbs, saplings, and brush are piled up for burning. Pile burning involves igniting the piled vegetation (also called slash), after the vegetation has had an opportunity to dry out. The dried vegetation in the piles, burns hot and clean. Pile burning is an important tool that helps reduce hazardous fuels and restore forests to healthier conditions.

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