Joseph Wildlife Habitat Improvement Shared Stewardship Project Update

Contact Information: Bryce Monroe, 435-896-1014, [email protected]

                                     Wende Wilding, 435-253-1027, [email protected]

Project Up-date:       At this time, due to favorable weather conditions implementation of The

                                    Joseph Wildlife Habitat Improvement Shared Steward Project will continue starting

                                    March 15th, 2021 through May 31st, 2021.

Project Type:            Thin & Lop Scatter Project

Project Location:     West of Interstate 70, directly west and southwest the of rural community of

                                   Joseph, Utah, Sevier County.

Project Activity:       Treatment actions will include hand cutting pinyon juniper with

                                    handsaws/chainsaws and lopping with pruning shears.                   

                                    With lop and scatter the trees will be cut as close to the ground as practicable

                                    and no live branches will remain on the stump.  Within the lop and scatter

                                    area, cut pinyon juniper will be lopped to 24” and left on site with no piles

                                    to decompose naturally.

Total Acres:                6622 total acres, 4622 have been treated, 2000 acres left to treat

Benefits/Objectives:    Implement a landscape ecosystem restoration project that will reduce hazardous

                                      fuels and reduce the risk for large scale catastrophic wildfires with less risk to                           

                                      public and firefighter safety.

  •  Reduce threat of catastrophic fires to valuable infrastructures such as multiple watersheds including (Clear Creek outlet & Indian-Sevier river), Interstate 70, Fremont Indian State Park, town of Joseph, high voltage major power transmission lines, homes, summer cabins, outbuildings, and livestock feed and corrals.
  • Promote landscape treatments on federal, state, and private lands along the Pahvant Range with collaborative effort between USFS, UFFSLs, and UDWR.
  • Improve, protect, and maintain quality of habitat for sensitive, threatened, and endangered species.
  • Increase overall forage production, habitat quality, and species diversity by treating in a mosaic pattern.
  • Improve and maintain species diversity.

Vegetation/Fuels:         Pinyon-juniper 

For information on Prescribed Fire and Fuel Projects and Wildland fires in Utah visit, for information on fires burning in other areas, go to

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