Horse Hollow Mechanical & Prescribed Fire Project

Contact Information:  Bryce L. Monroe, [email protected], 435-896-1014

Wende Wilding, [email protected], 435-253-0127

Planned Implementation Date: Spring 2021

Location: Project located 2 miles to the SE of the city of Fillmore, Utah.

Legal Description: Township 21 South, Range 4 West, Sections 35, 36

Township 22 South, Range 4 West, Sections 1, 2, 11, 12

Township 21 South, Range 3 West, Section 31

Township 22 South, Range 3 West, Sections 6, 7

Project Description:

Phase 3 of the Horse Hollow project encompasses approximately 1200 acres that will be mechanically treated by thinning and prescribed fire. 

The overlying objective is to maintain an established fuel break by treating Pinyon and Juniper regeneration within an existing chaining.  The project area was chained in the 1960’s and is currently being encroached upon by the surrounding Pinyon and Juniper woodlands.  The project is considered an integral part of the wildland fire suppression and hazardous fuel reduction program.  This treatment will also have secondary impacts that may improve the area for wildlife and livestock.

Horse Hollow Prescribed Fire objective and purpose is to reduce hazardous fuels to change fire behavior conditions near the community of Fillmore. A reduction in fuels would reduce the risk of uncharacteristically intense and severe wildfire and secondary effects, such as flooding, to the community and the environment, while improving conditions for the firefighter and public safety.

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