Neffs Fire Update – Fri. Sept. 25th

Start: September 22, 2020

Location: 1 mile east from Neff’s Canyon Trailhead, Mount Olympus Wilderness

Cause: Lightning

Size: 55 acres

Containment: 0%

Fuels: Timber and oakbrush

Closures: Neff’s Canyon Trail; The area closure includes all trails and trailheads and all National Forest System land between Mill Creek Canyon road on the north and Big Cottonwood Canyon road on the south to Quartzite -33115 then straight west. On the west the closure begins at the forest boundary and goes east to the Big Water trail, then south to where the Big Water trail connects with Big Cottonwood Canyon road.

Assigned Resources:

4 – Helicopters

4 – Fixed wing aircraft, Fire Bosses

5 – Engines

3 – Modules 

1 – Type 2IA Hand crew

1 – Type 2 Hand crew

131 – Total Personnel

Today, September 25th, helicopters will continue to put water drops on the areas of the fire where the potential for growth is highest and closest to the community. The water alone is not enough to extinguish the fire but it is effective to slow the spread and give the firefighters on the ground time to construct fireline. The planned fireline is a total of 6 miles, to date, there is 1.5 miles (25%) completed. There is another Red Flag Warning which may increase fire behavior.

The Olympus Wilderness is a beautiful area for millions of recreationalists to enjoy each year. A wilderness is a congressionally designed area that is a “special place where nature still calls the shots” (U.S. Forest Service, Fire suppression tactics are well calculated to keep the integrity of these areas. Minimal Impact Suppression Tactics regulates the use of equipment and retardant but can be used when necessary.

All incident resources are working hard to suppress the wildfire, nevertheless, we do need residents to be prepared to leave if the fire hits the pre-determined trigger points. Visit for tips.

There was a drone flying in the Temporary Flight Restriction (TFR) area last night. Unified Police Department was notified but they were not able to locate the responsible party. The intrusion occurred after aviation resources were on the ground, however, the TFR needs to be adhered to day and night.

Additionally, the Incident Management Team cannot accept donations. If people would like to contribute, contact your local fire department, food pantry or Red Cross.

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