East Fork & Center Creek Trail Fire Update

September 20, 2020

East Fork Fire: Yesterday’s precipitation did not fall on much of the fire area. The southern and eastern fire perimeter held during yesterday’s wind event. Firefighters continued building depth, expanding the burned fuel buffer between planned containment line and the advancing fire. Further south, crews continue making progress on containment lines. Excavator operators worked closely with resource advisors to repair roadways used during suppression operations on Bear Hollow Road. Close monitoring of the fire above Rock Creek Road continues. On South Fork Rock Creek Road, chipper operations removed the debris created during the previous day’s hazard tree removal activities.  High in the wilderness the fire is burning at varying intensities and leaving pockets of unburned forests.

Center Creek Trail Fire: The Center Creek Trail Fire is showing limited fire behavior and currently poses no threat of moving south toward the wilderness boundary.

Today’s Operations: On the eastern perimeter firefighters will continue burn operations to remove fuels in front of the advancing fire. Excavators will continue repairing roadways and dozer lines. Ground crews will begin repairing handlines near Stillwater Reservoir by installing water bars and moving vegetation and debris back over the contained line.

Suppression Repair: This work is now a major component of the firefighting effort. As fire management objectives continue to be met, crews working with hand tools and heavy machinery will repair damages and minimize potential soil erosion and other impacts resulting from fire suppression activities along dozer lines, handlines, roads, trails, staging areas, safety zones, and drop points used during fire suppression efforts.

Weather: The cold front moving over the area yesterday produced strong winds across the fire. Although rain fell on the western side of the fire, very little moisture reached the eastern perimeter. Even with precipitation, heavy fuel concentrations throughout the fire will continue to burn.  Slightly drier and warmer temperatures are expected today with temperatures in the upper 50s° at higher elevations and in the upper 60s° at lower elevations. Afternoon winds will be south/southwest at 7-12 mph with gusts up to 17 mph. Weather tonight is forecasted to be in the 40s°.

Resources: 4 Helicopters, 24 Engines, 8 water tenders, 1 Hotshot crew, 1 Type 2 Initial Attack handcrew, 2 dozers and 3 Wildland Fire Modules. Currently 287 firefighters are assigned to the East Fork Fire. The Center Creek Trail Fire has 23 firefighters assigned.

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