South Monroe Prescribed Fire Update 11/13/2019

The South Monroe Prescribed Fire Project has been fairly quiet over the past two days. Crews have observed minimal movement with some creeping and isolated torching. On Sunday (11/10/19), Langdon Mountain stayed active on the east and northeast sides, all within the prescribed fire unit. The latest recon flight estimates acreage at 6,300 acres.  

Today, prescribed fire managers plan helitorch ignitions in Unit 13, located on the northwest facing slopes of Smith Canyon.  An estimated 800-1500 acres will be the target.  Today’s weather includes the continuation of a northwest flow aloft resulting in better and more favorable clearing index values today.

Restoring our forests in central Utah is a multi-step process carried out over many years and requiring collaboration among a diverse team of forest scientists, fire experts, loggers, community leaders, and volunteers.

Prescribed fire, is an important step in the forest restoration process, and a crucial tool to help improve the health of our forests, reduce the risk of extreme wildfires, and increase community and firefighter safety when wildfires do occur. But before a prescribed burn is conducted, there are several important steps that prepare the forest for the safe and controlled use of fire, including multiple years of analysis and planning that guide careful logging, small tree thinning, and removal of flammable underbrush.

U.S. Forest Service foresters, wildlife biologists, hydrologists, soil scientists, archaeologists, botanists, and other experts work together to prioritize where and what kind of restoration work should occur in the forest to improve wildlife habitat, create healthier forests and streams, and reduce wildfire risk, while minimizing potential negative impacts to recreation, wildlife, land or water.

Aerial view of the South Monroe Rx from a recon flight on 11/12/2019

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