Skull Flat 2 Fire Update 11/6/2019

(Use hashtag #SkullFlat2Fire)

Currently the fire is experiencing a stable high pressure that limits smoke ventilation.  Under stable conditions smoke will not rise, leaving the smoke to settle in the valley.  To clear the smoke out of the lower elevations a weather disturbance or storm needs to pass over the area.  Smoke from the fire, along with haze and drift smoke from the California wildfires, will be visible throughout the surrounding communities.  For local air quality and related information please visit the following website .

The predicted weather for the fire area maintains the stable high pressure with rather dry conditions and day time high temps in the low 50’s over the next few days.  No measurable precipitation is expected for the next 5- 7-days.

The fire is burning in an area of dense mixed conifer with some pockets of oak and mahogany. The heavy concentrations of dead and down fuels in the area continue to sustain the fire activity.   Currently the fire is smoldering and creeping in the dead and down fuels at a low intensity. Areas of unburned fuels remain and may continue to be consumed in the upcoming week. The fire is expected to continue until a season ending event, which consists of six plus inches of snow.

Acres:  Approx. 1676      

Location:  7 miles East of Beaver.  Adjacent to the Skull Flat Fire on the North side of Baker Peak

Cause:  Natural/Lightning      Fuels:  Mixed conifer

Fire Behavior: Consists of creeping and smoldering through heavy dead and down fuels, with isolated single or group tree torching.

Closures:  All trails and roads are open in the area at this time, however during times of increased fire activity these travel routes may be temporarily closed for public and firefighter safety.  The public is advised to have heightened awareness about potential safety hazards and exercise caution while in the area. 

Personnel Assigned:  Miscellaneous Local Resources  

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