Park Ridge Wildfire

August 2, 2019

Contact: Jill Ivie (435) 979-3395 or Jarad Teeples (435) 253-1829

Summary: Firefighters have made good progress preparing control lines surrounding the lighting ignited Park Ridge Wildfire. Preparation of these control lines allowed for successful blacklining, which took place on Monday, July 29. (Blacklining is preburning of fuels adjacent to a control line during periods of low fire danger to reduce heat on holding crews and lessen chances for spotting across control line). Today, a lower intensity backing fire within the fire’s perimeter continues to clean out dead and down vegetation, consuming 50-70% of the heavy fuels, and is meeting the goals and objectives for fuels reduction. Approximately 35firefighters are on-scene and continue holding the control lines to meet objectives. Pockets of heat are expected to be visible in the surrounding area for several days.
Location: Park Ridge on Boulder Mountain, located ten miles south of Grover, Utah.
Jurisdiction: U.S. Forest Service, Fremont River Ranger District.
Fire Size: Approximately 90 acres have burned with 400 acres surrounded by control lines.
Cause: Lightning caused.
Fire Behavior: The fire is currently backing and creeping with low intensity. Smoke is expected to be visible from Highway 12 and the surrounding areas.
Structures: No structures threatened.
Closures: No closures.
Fuels: Ponderosa Pine and heavy dead and down pine needle thatch.
Fire Crews/Resources: One (20 person) handcrew, one (5 person) squad, one (5 person) fire engine module.
Evacuations: No Evacuations.

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