Peavine Canyon fire is burning to natural barriers, Poison Canyon growing also

BLANDING, Utah, July 30 –The Peavine Canyon Fire has grown to 1250 acres and is 5 percent contained in the area planned for suppression. Some areas of the fire are burning to natural barriers, clearing dry sticks and brush. 89 people are assigned to the fire.

The Poison Canyon Fire is 185 acres and 0 percent contained, with 42 people assigned. Crews are doing work protecting aspen research areas. Drier, warmer conditions are expected to increase fire activity on both fires; this, coupled with stormy atmospheric conditions is expected to result in more smoke.

Trees, brush and grass within the burn areas have experienced multiple fires and have adapted over time to burning every 10 to 15 years. Natural fires caused by lightning have occurred for hundreds of years, burning with low flame lengths that consumed thick undergrowth, but did not involve the crowns of most trees. Ponderosa pines are an example of this type of fire-adapted forest.

Fire managers want the Peavine and Poison Canyon burn areas to restore fire’s role in the forest. The main goal of fire managers is protection of life and property, and to allow the fire to do good things, such as returning nutrients to the soil, refreshing growth, and clearing old vegetation. The fire is being carefully managed, and will help restore the landscape to a more natural state, protecting the wilderness into the future. Managers consider values at risk, fuel and fire weather conditions, and availability of fire resources.

Closures, maps and more information are available on the Manti-La Sal National Forest website at The Peavine Canyon Fire is located 22 miles west of Blanding, UT and the Poison Canyon Fire is located approximately 23 miles west of Monticello, UT.

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Example of low intensity flames on the Poison Canyon fire near Sego Flats on the Monticello Ranger District

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