Fire-smart ways to celebrate this Memorial Day weekend

Interagency Fire News Release

MOAB, Utah –Memorial Day weekend is a great time to celebrate public lands with friends and family. These lands provide tangible goods and materials that Americans rely on and use every day, as well as an amazing array of recreation opportunities. There are many ways to have fun outdoors and keep public lands healthy and beautiful.

This winter and spring have brought much needed rain to southeastern Utah, benefitting wildflowers and other desert plants. Unfortunately it has also resulted in many invasive annual grasses and weeds. These less desirable plants, such as cheatgrass, are beginning to cure and dry out creating a fire hazard. Visitors are encouraged to take extra steps in preventing wildfires this season, such as using campfire pans or rings, making sure campfires are completely out, securing tow chains or other potential sources of sparks on equipment, and properly disposing of cigarettes.

Here are some ways to enjoy the holiday and help keep families and the landscapes we treasure out of harm’s way.

• Enjoy a family picnic at a scenic overlook.

• Take a hike to your favorite shady spot or creek.

• Paddle or raft local rivers or lakes.

• Enjoy one of many four wheel drive roads and back country tours. • Go for a bike ride and earn some apple pie!

• Enjoy a colorful sunrise or sunset.

• Explore a local historic site, think about the early pioneers and Native Americans who first explored and settled here.

• Be good land stewards, recreate responsibly, and be considerate of others

Always practice fire safety when outdoors.

To learn more visit the and take the Governor of Utah’s Spark Change Pledge at

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