Pole Canyon Fire Update – August 3, 2018

The Pole Canyon Fire is being managed to provide an opportunity for fire to return to its role on the ecosystem. In doing so, management actions will be used to reduce forest fuels, enhance aspen, and improving forest health and resiliency.

As with all fires the number one objective in managing the Pole Canyon Fire is to provide for public and firefighter safety.

Crews are monitoring the fire area and scouting holding areas to use as needed.

Current Situation:

Start date: 7/27/2018

Cause: Lightning

Location: 14 miles east of Fremont Utah

Size: 5 acres

Fire Behavior: Moderate; single tree torching, creeping, smoldering

Fuels: Timber (litter and understory)

Closures: ATV trail Jehue #133 is closed

Total Resources: 14

Additional information will be made available as the fire situation changes.

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