Special Order: Trail Mountain Fire

Order Number: 04-10-2-18-03
Ferron/ Price Ranger District
Trail Mountain Fire
Pursuant to Title 36 CFR 261.50 (a) and (b) the following acts are prohibited within the areas, or
on the roads and trails described in this Order, all within the Ferron/Price Ranger District, MantiLa
Sal National Forest until further notice.
1. Being in the area described below. [36 CPR 261.52(e)]
2. Being on the National Forest System Roads described below. [36 CPR 261.54(e)]
3. Being on the National Forest System Trails described below. [36 CPR 26155(a)l
4. Being within campsites and highway pull off areas west of Utah Highway 31 between
the Forest boundary in Huntington Canyon and Horse Canyon [36 CPR 261.53(e)]
P-t1rsuant t6 36 CFR 261.50 (e) the following persons are exempt from this order:
1. Persons with special use authorization or other Forest Service authorization
specifically exempting them from the effect of this Order.
2. Any Federal, State, or lqcal officer, or member of an organized rescue or fire fighting
force in the performance of an official duty. ·
3. Federal or State administrative personnel in performance of an official duty.
4. Owners or lessees of land in the area closure with an incident escort.
The area depicted on. the map attached hereto which is described as all National Forest System
lands located within Emery County, Utah within the following boundary: Beginning at the
National For~st Boundary on the Cottonwood Road (FS Road #0040); then proceeding northwest
on the Cottonwood Road to the small drainage leading up to Bald peak; then following the
drainage to Bald peak; then from Bald peak north along the divide to the ridge north of Horse
Canyon;, then along the ridge o Highway 3, Huntington Canyon road; Then southeast along
Huntington Canyon road to the National Forest Boundary; Then south along the National Forest
Boundary to Deer Creek Canyon road; then southeast along Deer Creek road to Elk Canyon; then
south up Elk Canyon to Forest Road FS #0060; then along FS road# 0060 and FS road #2176;
then south along FS road #2176 to Flag Lake Canyon; then southwest down Flag Lake Canyon to
the Cottonwood road to the point of beginning. The closed area includes all facilities, roads, and
trails described below, and other camping areas within the closure area west of Utah State
Indian Creek Campground
Little Bear Campground
Lower Little Bear Campground
Riverside Campsite
Horse Canyon Trailhead
Rilda Canyon (NFSR 0246)
Mill Fork Canyon (NFSR 0245)
Crandall Canyon (NFSR 0248)
Cottonwood Canyon (NFSR 0040) From Trail Mountain mine north to the junction with NFSR
0017 (Indian Creek Road)
Trail Mountain (NFSR 0034)
National Forest System Road 2302
National Forest System Road 2181
CCC (FS Trail ~51)
Trail Canyon (FS Trail 097)
Meetinghouse (FS Trail 406)
East Mountain (FS Trail 085)
Scad Valley Divide (FS Trail 392)
East Mountain Spur (FS Trail 393)
Rilda Canyon (FS Trail 962)
Mill Fork Canyon (FS Trail 391)
Mill Fork Ridge (FS Trail 086)
Little Bear Ridge (FS Trail 394)
Crandall Canyon (FS Trail 390)
Horse Canyon (FS Trail 076)
This Order is in place to prevent potential injury to the public and to provide for firefighter safety
in the area and roads and trails described during firefighting operations. This Order will remain in
effect until rescinded.
1. This order will be in effect when signed and shall remain in effect until October 1,
2018 or until rescinded, whichever occurs first.
2. A map identifying the closed areas is attached and made part of this Order.
3. Violation of the above prohibition( s) is ·punishable by a fine of not more than
$5,000.00 for an individual or $10,000.00 for an organization, and/or imprisonment
for not more than six (6) months. [Title 16 USC 551, Title 18 USC 3571 (b) (6), Title
18 USC 3581 (b)(7)]
4. Further information regarding this Order may be obtained at the Ferron/Price District
Office, (801) 384-2372, and the Manti-La Sal National Forest Supervisor’s Office,
(435) 637-2817.
Done at Price, Utah this 15th ay of June, 2018
Matthew D. Anderson
Acting Forest Supervisor
Manti-La Sal National Forest
Order Number: 04-10-2-18-03

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